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What’s a mistake but a kind of take?
What’s nausea but a kind of -ausea?
Sober, drunk, -unk, astonishment.
Everything can become the subject of criticism – how criticise without something to criticise?
Agreement – disagreement!!
Emotion – motion!!!
Die away from, from, die away (without the fromj).
Reconciliation of opposites; sober, drunk, all the same!
Good and evil reconciled in a laugh!
It escapes, it escapes!
But —–
What escapes, WHAT escapes?

Emphasis, EMphasis; there must be some emphasis in order for there to be a phasis.
No verbiage can give it, because the verbiage is other.
Incoherent, coherent – same.
And it fades! And it’s infinite! AND it’s infinite!
If it wasn’t going, why should you hold on to it?
Don’t you see the difference, don’t you see the identity?
Constantly opposites united!
The same me telling you to write and not to write!
Extreme – extreme, extreme! Within the extensity that ‘extreme contains is contained the ‘extreme’ of intensity.
Something, and other than that thing!
Intoxication, and otherness than intoxication.
Every attempt at betterment, –every attempt at otherment,
–is a —-.
It fades forever and forever as we move.

There is a reconciliation!
Reconciliation – econciliation!
By God, how that hurts! By God, how it doesn‘t hurt!
Reconciliation of two extremes.
By George, nothing but othing!
That sounds like nonsense, but it is pure onsense!
Thought deeper than speech —-!
Medical school; divinity school, school!, SCHOOL! Oh my God, oh God, oh God!.

The most coherent and articulate sentence which came was this: –
There are no differences but differences of degree between different degrees of difference and no difference.

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